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TB is Awesome, When it’s a Choir March 21, 2011

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 10:16 am

Cute Boy in the Front Row

We recently had a super awesome evening attending Quinn’s school choir program.  He is in the Boys Chorus, also known as the TB choir.  Surprisingly, the TB choir is a fair amount larger than the SA choir, which is something I’ve seen only rarely.

Quinn was excited because he was part of a small group in one of the songs.  They had originally planned it to be a trio, and the teacher held auditions for the part.  She decided to keep 7 kids in the group, so their trio became a septet.  (Dangerously close to a neuvtet, for those of who are fans of A Mighty Wind!)

The TB Choir Sang 4 Songs

Quinn did a great job, and had fun singing.  He plans to join the mixed chorus next year.  I’m thrilled that he is having the choir experience, and learning to sing harmony.  His musical background gives him a head start compared to most other kids in the class.

Incidentally, you might note that the soloist in the last song is Kyle Murdock, Quinn’s best friend.


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