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Amazing Belt Test March 29, 2011

Filed under: Daily Life,Karate — Jen @ 10:35 am

Red Belt

I just love belt tests.  This particular test was a fun one, because Quinn and Brooklyn were both testing at the same time.  They both did very well, too.

Brooklyn had her first experience using sparring gear.  She said it was uncomfortable and restrictive.  No surprise there, it looks uncomfortable and restrictive.  She did a great job though.

Quinn performed his made-up techniques beautifully.  He had to make up 6, but he only showed 2 in the test.  (All of them were shown at the more comprehensive tab test a few days earlier.)  One technique he performed was a gun technique, meaning the imaginary attacker is pointing a gun at his head.  The second was against a choke.  I sometime think it is kind of sobering to imagine a scenario in which someone has a gun to your head, and then imagine, seriously, yourself being heroic and dodging that bullet.

This is Their Intimidating Faces

At any rate, Quinn came away with a red belt and Brooklyn earned her purple belt.  We are super proud of them, and celebrated with grandparents with shakes at Iceberg.

It is exciting to see how close they are getting to their black belts!!


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