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Baby Baby April 11, 2011

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 9:04 am

Brooklyn holding Torrun (I think)

We had such a fun time visiting Jill and Jake and their new babies!  Eva and Torrun are about 3 weeks old in these pictures, and close to 5 pounds.

Jill and the babies were spending a few days in Greybull with Grandma, while Jake studied for his big engineering exam.  It is always nice to visit Greybull, but especially when we have a fun reason like this!  Brooklyn was super excited about this trip.  She spent a lot of time holding the babies.  She and Micah wanted to do little else the entire weekend.

I figure it is good for Brooklyn to have exposure to babies.  We haven’t had any little ones in our family for quite some time.  Brooklyn has not changed diapers, or fed or burped a newborn, or practiced holding them so their heads are stable.  We’re glad Jill was willing to let us have a crash course in baby care!

Cute Girls... Torrun and Eva

Suze and I loved giving the babies a bath.  It is fun when they are so tiny!  Their heads look so small until you get them undressed.  Then, their heads look big compared to their skinny little legs and arms.

We’re sure these tiny little ones will not be so tiny the next time we are in Wyoming, in August for the family reunion.  We are certainly grateful we could see them while they are so new!


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