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Lost? April 21, 2011

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 5:04 pm

It’s nearly Easter, and to my chagrin, instead of buying my boys some sandals or flip-flops as is our tradition, I’m forced to purchase dress shoes instead. Ryan can’t even get his feet into his shoes anymore. I was mortified when he wore his sneakers to Tiffany’s baptism, and I told him he had to sit where no one would suspect he had come with me! 😉

I took the kids to the shoe store and nearly spent my entire life savings on 2 pairs of men’s dress shoes. It was funny trying to find shoes that would work. When Quinn said his shoes weren’t comfortable, I had Ryan try them on. When Ryan’s didn’t work, I gave them to Quinn. Since they wear the same size, it was very much like having twins.

The store we went to is just at Jordan Landing, very near our house. I decided that since we hadn’t eaten lunch, we would take the scenic route past Little Caesars and grab a quick pizza. The funny thing is that we very rarely drive this particular route. The kids are not familiar with it, nor are they familiar with that pizza place, since we normally go to the one that is near the karate school. The kids thought I was lost. “How dumb do you think I am,” I asked them, “that I can’t get us home from Jordan Landing without getting lost?” (Its literally a mile from our house.) I reassured them that just because they don’t know where we are does not mean that I don’t know. They were obviously thrilled when we stopped for pizza. It was 2:00 and we hadn’t had lunch, typical mother-of-the-year day for me. As we left the Little Caesars, I heard a comment to the effect of I’m glad this pizza place was here. I really think they thought I had gotten us lost, and decided to stop when we happened across someplace to eat. Why would they assume that? I had to set them straight on the truth of the situation, that I had gone this way on purpose and had intended to buy food the entire time, and that I am far more familiar with my city of residence than they are.

Rest assured, my friends, I am NOT lost. I am right where I intend to be!


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