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Fourteen Years and Eighty Pounds May 10, 2011

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Bodacious T-shirts

Ryan recently celebrated his 14th birthday.  He looks younger than he is, because he is so small and skinny.  He proudly announced that he had weighed himself at Grandma’s house, and determined that he now weighs eighty pounds.  And Quinn weighs 81.  His friends of the same age have anywhere between 30 and 120 pounds on him.  Poor kid.

He came away from this party with a bunch of cool t-shirts.  Mom and Dad got him the coveted Aeropostale shirt, while Uncle Andy and Aunt Lily got him the color-changing skull-and-lightning shirt pictured here.  He loves all of them.

For his annual outing with the parents, Ryan chose dinner at Iggy’s, followed by the movie Thor.  It is a far cry from the Chuck E. Cheese days.  He chose Iggy’s after I explained to him about the giant tv’s playing nothing but sports.  He was thrilled.  He ate well, and had a hard time taking his eyes off the NBA playoffs.

We had some time to kill between the dinner and the movie, and we killed it by window shopping at Sports Authority.  They had all kinds of interesting things for teenage boys there… balls, golf clubs, basketball hoops, U of U t-shirts, bikes, scooters, even skateboards.  It was a thrilling way to spend an hour.

Ryan is finishing up his eighth grade year, and I’ve noticed lately that he has moments where he is slightly more adult.  Yes, he still mostly acts like a teenage boy, but there are moments.  He is gaining some maturity, and making thought-out choices about friends and schoolwork and the like.  It is a joy to have Ryan in our family.  Even if he does choose apple pie as his birthday cake.


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