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Ryan’s News May 15, 2011

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 7:27 am

After some contemplation and consideration, we have decided to send Ryan to High School a year early.  We have enrolled him in a charter high school called Paradigm.  It is a small school, with only about 500 students, and they take 9th graders, which most of the public high schools in our area don’t.

He will have some new things to deal with.  This school has a uniform dress code, which Ryan has mentioned far less than I expected.  They also do not have lockers, which he has mentioned far more than I expected.  He never uses his junior high locker at all!

It is also a bit of a drive (no buses) and you have to bring your lunch (no cafeteria).  They also require parents to volunteer.  So, it looks like I will be very involved in the whole process, which I think will be good.

I’m excited for Ryan.  Robb and I feel really good about the decision, and Ryan feels good about it too.  Not that I have anything against charter elementary schools, but I have always felt that it is high school where kids need more specialized attention.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that next year will be a good school year for Ryan!


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