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Bookstore Choir May 19, 2011

Filed under: Fun Days — Jen @ 9:57 am

I’m the lame mom who never got around to posting about Brooklyn’s choir concert from last month.  I’m trying to repent of my wicked ways by posting about the optional follow-up concert to support the school fund raiser.  The choir held an abbreviated performance at the local Barnes & Noble bookstore, singing just 4 of their fun Disney songs.

She's the Cute One in the Second Row

I took some video, but it seems WordPress isn’t in the mood to let me add it to my post.  If I figure that out later, I’ll update the post.

This looks like a very small choir from this picture, but it only shows about half or less of the kids that were there that day.  It was a fun experience for Brooklyn.  They learned several Disney songs.  The choir director (a PTA mom)  has a brother-in-law that is a composer, so she took full advantage of that situation.  Most of the songs were professionally arranged and orchestrated.  They had really fun arrangements, easy to sing, with actions and choreography.  Brooklyn’s favorite (and mine) was Cruella DeVille.  The chorus goes into this jammin’ rock-style, and all the kids go crazy dancing to it.  If the video was working, you could see for yourself! 😉

It’s a lot of fun to go to these events.  It’s one of those things that I think is actually more fun as a parent than it was as a kid!


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