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Chalk Art Weekend June 20, 2011

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I’ve decided that all the good moms have fun stuff for their kids to do over the summer, and I could definitely improve in that area.  I have set two summertime goals:  1) to go to the library once a week until school starts (every Tuesday!) and 2) do one fun family activity each weekend.  Since Robb takes Fridays off, it makes that goal a little easier.

This past weekend, we actually did two activities.  The planning started with the idea of a hike and picnic.  All my hike plans fell apart when I started looking at details, though.  So, we ended up with a two-part activity.  Friday we went to the park, had a picnic, and played catch and frisbee.

Fun Park Day... a.k.a. It's Hard Playing Frisbee With All These Trees Around!

Ryan was in heaven, because he so rarely gets to play catch, and he absolutely loves it.  With good reason, because he has lots of natural athletic ability, a trait he gets from neither of his parents.

I Think Pigs Are Flying Somewhere

This was also the day I broke a nail.  Those of you who have known me since childhood no doubt did not see this coming.  I have never been one of those people who mourned the loss of a fingernail, because frankly, I never had any worth mourning.  This is probably the first year of my life that I have had consistently long fingernails on all ten fingers at the same time.  This is no small feat for me.  So yes, I’m whining about my broken thumbnail.  I think I deserve it.

Saturday was a little more involved.  Let me begin by mentioning that Friday night, the boys had a friend stay the night.  For some reason, they think staying up all night is a great idea.  I guess that explains something about 13-year-old boy logic.  So, when I went downstairs to wake them at 10:30 am, I found the lights and tv still on, and they were sleeping in their clothes.  I practically had to tie ropes around them and winch them off their butts, they were so exhausted.  They told me that the sun came up before they got any sleep.  Needless to say, sleepovers are on hold for a while.

I dragged my exhausted crew downtown, where we proceeded to get ornery at the time we spent searching for parking.  But we finally made it to the farmer’s market, and the day improved drastically from there.  It was definitely light on the “farmers” and heavy on the “market” that day… I guess it’s too early in the season to expect much by way of fresh produce.  We did have some yummy authentic Italian pizza and snowcones, and had fun trying to name all the different dog breeds we saw.  (It’s possible there were as many dogs as people there.)

We marched on to the Gateway, where the Chalk Art Festival was in full swing.  It’s been years since I took my kids to the Gateway, and I think they had only vague memories of the fountains.  The art was really fun to look at.  There were adult and teenagers that had entered, and all different styles of pictures there.  We were there not long before the judging, so most of the pictures had already been completed.

Just a Few of the 30+ Pictures We Enjoyed

We also stepped into some of the stores.  The kids were impressed with Dick’s Sporting Goods, which is a huge 2-story store with a climbing wall through the center.

Who Knew Trying On Baseball Helmets Could Be Such Fun?

We saw fun tents and bikes, canoes, basketball hoops, baseball and lacrosse equipment, and Brooklyn’s favorite… crazy knee socks.  This is where she told me she wishes she had toe socks and toe shoes.  And no, she is not talking about ballet.  She likes the socks that look like gloves, with separations for each toe.  They also make shoes like this.  They look crazy uncomfortable to me, but what do I know?

We probably walked 3-4 miles that day, and by the time we got home, everyone was ready to drop.  Brooklyn laid on the couch and rested for a while.  Quinn laid on a different couch and went to sleep for a couple hours.  Ryan laid on a third couch and was still asleep when we went to bed that night.  I covered him with a blanket and let him sleep.  He slept about 14 hours, I figured, until I woke him up Sunday morning to help make Robb a Fathers Day breakfast.

This week, Ryan and Quinn are at Scout Camp, so it looks like Brooklyn and I will be going to Taylorsville Dayzz without them.  Hope they’re not to tired to go to the fireworks Saturday night!


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  1. Jen Moyer Says:

    Fun! I know a certain someone that would love to play catch with Ryan anytime! Send him over

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