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4th of July Trip, part 2: Firework Fun July 6, 2011

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After spending 15 hours making the 3 hour trip to Idaho, we actually did have a lot of fun.  The little farm that we stayed at there is quiet and shady and very peaceful.  Some highlights from the trip:

I Want to Ride the Tractor! I Want to Ride the 4-Wheeler! I Want to Ride the Tractor! I Want to Ride the 4-Wheeler! Let's go to Robbers Roost! Robbers Roost! Robbers Roost!

  • Tractor and 4-Wheeler rides
  • Quinn and Sage, as usual, had numerous adventures while wandering through the property.  Most of them involved getting wet up to the knees.
  • Ray’s twin brother Ralph, who lives just down the road, was out of town.  Ray was doing some chores for him, and took the kids along to help with:

Herding Chickens, Yes, It Can Be Done

Feeding the Horse and New Foal

Visiting the Neighbors Llamas. The Little Black One in Front is Less Than One Day Old.

Okay, that last one wasn’t really a chore.  But Keilee was in heaven in this field of llamas.  Remember that scene in The Horse Whisperer when Robert Redford sits motionless in a field for several hours?  Keilee was working on a similar (though slightly faster) version with the llamas.
  • Spending most of the day at Lava Hot Springs, swimming, sliding, and getting sunburned to our heart’s delight.  Even I went down a speed slide, albeit with much screaming.
  • Card games and playing while laying on a big hill at Lava, waiting for fireworks.  This is where Robb snapped shots of everyone there.  Here’s a compilation:

    The Brady Bunch... Wait, the Stott Bunch... and the Gusta-Bunch. Great, Now I Have That Song Stuck in my Head

  • Some kids actually got to drive the tractors, namely Keilee, who drove while discing the back field, and Ryan, who backed the tractor into it’s parking spot.

Ryan Putting the Tractor Away, With Guidance From Ray.

  • We went into Pocatello one night and had dessert and nachos at Denny’s.  Brooklyn and Caleb shared a huge banana split, which was gone in about 30 seconds.  No one has ever seen Brooklyn eat that fast, and it prompted ideas of future eating contests to get that girl to eat more!
Altogether, we had a great time.  Getting home was vastly easier than getting there (isn’t it always?) and we were glad to be back in our own beds.  A great bit fat thanks goes out to Ray for letting us stay at his property and use his bathroom all weekend.  We are really fortunate to count him as a friend!

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