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Quinn’s ThirTEENth Birthday July 6, 2011

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I’m trying to get caught up on a couple posts I have been meaning to do for a few weeks now, the most important of which is Quinn’s birthday celebration.

We had the whole family over and ate Quinn’s favorite:  breakfast for dinner.  The kid loves waffles in a slightly unnatural way.  So, I did some thinking and planning and came up with a waffle bar meal.  We had a variety of syrups (including banana syrup, because the only thing Q loves more than waffles is bananas) and a variety of bacon, and various other toppings.  My personal favorite syrup was the butter pecan.  YUM.

Quinn scored some awesome gifts, including:

Walkie-Talkies (Which Came Pre-Charged and Ready For Use, Brilliant Move Grandma!) Which Have a 16-Mile Range

The walkie-talkies have had some good use so far.  One day, Quinn took one to his friends house a couple streets away and left the other one with Ryan at home.  It’s practically the same as having a cell phone, but much, much cheaper.

Lots and Lots of Legos. Specifically Lego Ninjagos in Every Conceivable Color. And No, 13 is NOT Too Old For Legos, Why Would You Even Ask?

These Legos were put to immediate use, and were found worthy in every way.  And I found Lego wrappers and instruction sheets all over the house later that night.

Red Velvet Cupcakes. Practically Perfect in Every Way.

We ended the evening with red velvet cupcakes.  Red velvet cake is something of a tradition in our family, and it is a delicious made-from-scratch version with my favorite dessert-ingredient, buttermilk.  (Shameless plug:  if you are interested in having this particular recipe for your very own self, go to my Facebook Page and hit “notes.”)

I should mention that a week or so before this party, Ryan and Quinn had an epic friend get-together on the last day of school.  It wasn’t exactly a birthday party (mostly because I organized it only one day in advance) but kind of it was.  It didn’t matter that there weren’t gifts, because it was super fun.  Ryan, unprompted, came to me afterward and said, “Thanks for doing this, mom!  That was so awesome!  You’re the best mom ever!”  or something to that effect.  Robb was concerned that I had not actually planned any activities for the dozen or so boys we were expecting.  I wasn’t.  They love night games, and have several they love to play.  I just provided multiple snacks, light-to-medium supervision, and a fire in the firepit.  They boys played games for hours and hours, and there were only a couple injuries!  We need to find an excuse to do that again.

Dogs Playing Poker

Thanks to all the family who helped us celebrate Quinn.  He is an amazing kid and we are fortunate to have him in our family.  I’ll end by sharing Quinn’s feelings about being 13.

“It’s great.”


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