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New Glasses July 15, 2011

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 9:07 am

Recently, Ryan got new glasses.  Our trip to the eye doctor was interesting.  Ryan and Quinn both did better than last year, always good news.  The doctor also told me that Brooklyn would probably not need glasses until she is 40!  WooHoo!!  I’m pretty stoked that I have ONE kid I don’t have to buy glasses for.  It didn’t stop her from trying on the frames in the waiting room, though.  She is cute with glasses, but definitely cuter without them.

Quinn’s prescription didn’t change enough to require new glasses, hallelujah.

A few months ago, Ryan actually lost his glasses.  Apparently, they grew legs and walked away during the night.  I suspect there is a story about this that no one wants to tell me.  I keep hoping that someday when the kids are grown, they will finally tell me what really happened.  In the meantime, he has been wearing his old and very hammered glasses, so he was thrilled to get into a new pair!

Ryan tried on one pair that I loved.  When he wore them, he reminded me so much of my grandpa, my dad’s dad, who passed away when I was very young.  Even though Ryan looks a lot like his dad, there is something in his face structure that is definitely Roper, and those glasses really brought that out to me.

Can You See the Skulls on the Side?

Ultimately, though, I could not talk him out of the Harley Davidson glasses with skulls on the side.  And since they were inside the acceptable price range, I decided to let it be his choice.  It took his eyes a little while to get used to the difference between the  new glasses and the pair he had been wearing, which were 2 prescriptions old, but he didn’t even complain!


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