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Raging Waters Day July 15, 2011

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Yesterday we had the fun opportunity to go to Raging Waters.  (Technically, it is now called Seven Peaks Salt Lake, but old habits die hard.)  The orthodontist that we go to has a party there every year, but this was the first year we have attended.  In fact, it was the first time any of my family members had been to Raging Waters, except myself, of course.  I told them about all the waterslides and the wave pool, and got them all excited for the experience.

It took me a while to really understand what the deal was with this orthodontist event.  When we got there around 1:30, it was pretty busy.  There were signs everywhere stating that the park would close that day at 3:00 for an “exclusive event.”  At the gate, they told us to leave our snacks in the car, but we could bring them in after 3:00 when the orthodontist event began.

I was glad we got there when we did, because when we went back out to our car around 4:00, there were really long lines to get tickets and get inside the park.  I actually thought it would be less busy after 3:00, but boy was I wrong!  The park was crazy busy that afternoon.  We estimated that there were around 4000 people there.  Thanks to this event, we were able to get free tube rentals (every tube they own was in use!!), free drinks, and even free pizza for dinner.  They brought 1100 pizzas!  I’ve never seen such a mob!

One thing about water parks is that it is tough to take pictures.  I did snap a couple shots of the kids eating their free pizza near the end of the day.

Brooklyn Can't Stop Herself From Giving a Peace Sign

Must Be Good Pizza!

I spent the bulk of the evening feeling bad for poor Quinn.  He was sick that day.  He woke up feeling sick,and I told him, “No!  You can’t be sick on Raging Waters Day!”  I gave him some ibuprofen, and hoped for the best.  He did pretty well until late in the afternoon, when he started to get a fever.  Robb and I took turns sitting with him, covering him with towels, and trying to cool him down.  The ibuprofen I brought with me didn’t last long, and the first aid station would not give me any Tylenol, so Quinn had to suffer for a little while.  Fortunately, I ran into a neighbor who gave us some Excedrin, and within a few minutes, Quinn was back in the water.

Ryan had a blast there.  He went on almost every slide, used the rope swing and all the small extras, and spent the entire day smiling.  Brooklyn was more timid, but we did talk her into some things that scared her, and she had fun with them.  Quinn probably would have been more aggressive had he felt better, but he still managed to go on a ton of stuff and have a memorable day.  It cost us less than $30 to get our whole family in the park, and since we brought our own snacks and took advantage of free drinks and tube rentals, we didn’t spend anything at all inside the park.  This may have been the best $30 we spent all summer!


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