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Double Digits July 18, 2011

Filed under: Fun Days — Jen @ 11:30 am

The Green Manicure

Our youngest child has now entered double digits, turning 10 this month.  We celebrated, as usual, with dinner and some activity.  Brooklyn chose to go to The Pie Pizzeria and to see the movie Harry Potter 7.2.  

Normally, I give the kids a little gift on this night, but Brooklyn’s was hard to wrap.  I told her several months ago that if she could grow her nails a little, we would get a manicure for her birthday.  She has been working hard on this project, and done pretty well.  So, we both went to the nail salon and got ourselves some pretty nails.  Brooklyn chose a very unnatural, bright shade of green.  She is really having fun with it.

"Cute" clothes!

Her birthday party was very exciting… I teased her about knowing what her gift was, and knowing how much she would like it.  She scored lots of cute clothes (she put them on as soon as she was done eating cake), some candy, and a new Monster High Doll (yay!).  But the big score of the night was her gift from Grandma…  tickets to the Selena Gomez concert!  Those of you unfamiliar with Selena Gomez, let me just say that you are not alone.  She is a Disney channel star and singer.  The concert is not until September, though, so we will have to wait.

All in all, she has had a great birthday.  She is so sweet, kind-hearted, and giggly, she is a ton of fun to have around.  We love our Brooklyn!



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