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Oleson Reunion ’11 August 15, 2011

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As usual, we had a glorious time at the 10th annual Oleson Family Reunion.  This year, we went up a couple days early with Cheryl’s trailer, and stayed in the Greybull KOA.  It’s a very nice campground, which the owners have done a lot of work to.  Our “adventures” in Greybull consisted of basically two things:  shooting and swimming.

We spent over 4 hours shooting at targets out on the lone prairie.  This is the part where I regale you with a bunch of pictures of us with guns.

Mom & Daughter Rifle Bonding Moment. Actually, I'm holding her eye shut with my left hand, and holding her bangs back with my right.

Ryan with a .22 Revolver aimed at a piece of glass that was probably once part of a beer bottle.

It's unfortunate that I didn't have any good pictures of Quinn with the guns. The kid has a gift.

Micah, the rookie. She got the hang of it after a while.

We took Micah with us this year.  It was the only way to get everyone up there with the cars we had available.  She had to miss a couple days of school, but that didn’t bother her.  Or Brooklyn, who was thrilled to have one of her best buds along.  It was Micah’s first time shooting, but she fit right in after a few minutes of instruction.

We learned on this trip that Quinn is an amazing shot.  He is really good!  Although, to be fair, I’m pretty sure the reason he was better than the other kids is that he is the only one that can shut his left eye well.  Ryan tried shooting right handed and left eyed, and learned that it doesn’t work so hot.  They all shot their targets with some practice, and had fun.  It is amazing how much patience and discipline this sport requires.

The swimming was wonderfully nostalgic for Robb, who has lots of fond memories of the Greybull pool.  Micah had another first here, jumping off the diving board.  After she got the hang of it, she went dozens of times.  The kids enjoyed swimming so much, when we got back to the campground, they got in the pool there, too.

I think Robb mostly enjoyed his walks around town with Quinn.  They checked out his childhood home, the store his dad and grandpa used to own, the town library and museum, the schools, and other memorable spots.  The town is so small, even kids can easily navigate it, and walk from one end to the other without too much trouble.  We let the kids wander around by themselves after dinner that evening, too.

We thought we might be the first ones to arrive at the reunion campground this year, but we were certainly wrong about that.  Several families were there before us.  It was great to be there early enough to set up and have time to visit and enjoy the mountains before dinner.  After dinner was games, dancing, and limbo.




Moving on to the annual Stick Horse Rodeo:  I’m just going to share my favorite moment, which is Mike and Trig running the barrels.

Trigdon the Rodeo Cowboy

There were lots of great moments I want to remember.  I asked the kids their favorite parts.  Ryan said, playing “Magic” card game with Paul and Emerson and Glenn and a few others.  I guess he came in third place, and is now a strong advocate for our family getting it’s own copy of the game.

Quinn, kind of surprisingly, said “the babies!” and spent 5 minutes telling me how cute Ava and Torrun are.  Brooklyn and I quite agreed about that.

Fracie with Torrun and Cheryl with Ava

I remember LaRae used to call herself an “aunt grandma.”  I love that phrase!  It’s really a good description in this family.

My big project every year is to re-learn everyone’s names.  I think I did pretty well, at least with those who were there.  Correct me if I’m wrong… I figured this family has 4 Sam’s, 2 Mike’s, 2 David’s, 2 Tyler’s, 2 Brooklyn’s, 2 John’s (if you count dead people),  a Robb and a Bob (if you count dead people) and an Eliza and Aliza, which are the same thing, if you ask me.  Did I miss any doubles?  I don’t know…

How much fun did we have?

Hopefully next year will be even better, even longer, with even more family members and even fewer “neighbors.”  Thanks again, Olesons, Pollocks, and Weekes’.  It was great to see you all!


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