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New Room August 20, 2011

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 4:29 pm


Ryan has been wanting a couch in his room for a while now. Since my old furniture has seen better days, and it’s more stuff than I really have room for anyway, I didn’t protest too much.  We gave Ryan a bunk bed and put the old loveseat under it. He is thrilled.

The project did require that we take Quinn’s bed frame and trade it with Ryan’s. Quinn was definitely NOT thrilled. This was mostly because of what we found under his bed when we picked it up, or more appropriately, what we didn’t find. The kid was keeping about 2/3 of his belongings in a big heap under there. And, being parents, we made him clean it all up. Instead of watching a Batman movie. It was very distressing.

Both boys found treasures in the process. Most notably, Ryan found his scriptures which had been lost for probably a year. Quinn found lots of lego pieces and dirty clothes. Brooklyn became Ryan’s repository for stuff he no longer wanted, and I heard him ask her several times “Do you want this?” She always said yes. (“I love folders!”) I finally had to cut her off, and said, “You can’t take anymore of Ryan’s old crap!” About 2 minutes later, I heard Ryan tell her, “Hurry, before mom sees you!” Stinking kids.

It is fun to have older kids, but this project is going to snowball into a massive furniture rearranging extravaganza. Oh well, much needed.


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