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Limo Day September 17, 2011

Filed under: Fun Days — Jen @ 2:23 pm

Brooklyn had the super fun experience of riding in a limo to school one day.

Taking a Limo to School Increases Your Popularity Greatly

This picture is of Brooklyn and neighbor/friend Brynlee.  The story is that Brynlee’s friend, Deanna, won a contest at the Gateway, in which you get to take a Limousine ride to school on the first day of the school year, AND you get to bring 15 friends with you.  Deanna doesn’t actually live in our neighborhood, but goes to our school because her grandmother lives nearby.  Brynlee was one of the few friends they knew in the area.  So, Brynlee was able to invite some other kids from the subdivision to join the ride.  Brooklyn was among the lucky few!

As it turned out, the limo ride didn’t actually happen on the first day of school, but finally happened the following Monday.  The limo driver was very nice and friendly, and told us this Hummer limo is 45 feet long, and the smallest one they own!   I didn’t ride to school with them, but Brooklyn later reported that they got a lot of gawking looks when they arrived in style!

Red Carpet Monday


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