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SELENA GOMEZ!!! September 17, 2011

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Brooklyn scored for her birthday this year, when Grandma and Grandpa gave her tickets to the big Selena Gomez concert!  We’ve been counting down for weeks, and the big day finally came.

We started with dinner at the Olive Garden, where we (Brooklyn, Grandma, and I) were in good company.  After a trip to the bathroom, Brooklyn reported that two girls were asking everyone who came into the ladies room whether they were going to the concert, and every one of them said yes!  No surprise, the restaurant was filled with tables of moms and young girls!  It was tween-heaven.

Speaking of tweens, after we left the restaurant and headed to the arena, we were talking about the many tweens that would be gathered for the big event that day.  Brooklyn said, “What is a tween?”  and I replied, “You are a tween.”  Grandma asked, “Don’t you want to be a tween?”  Brooklyn thought for a minute, then said, “It doesn’t sound very good.”  It was funny.

I heart Selena

We got this awesome picture taken outside the Maverick Center.  We had to push our way in to get this picture.  We think it would be fun to have a car with your picture all over it.

We proceeded into the arena and looked around for souvenirs.  There were several t-shirts to choose from, but Brooklyn chose the best one (obviously!).  She immediately went into the bathroom to change!  (She also wore the shirt to school the next day!)

Selena is "The Awesomest Singer Ever"

We had great seats… in the middle section, just 6 rows up from the floor.  We could see great, and we were seated next to some super-fans.  We sang all the songs, danced, screamed, clapped, all of it.  Brooklyn was dismayed about how long it took for Selena to actually appear (she is pretty unfamiliar with the concert timeframe, which is basically wait and wait and eventually the headliner will show up).  She was exhausted when we finally headed home.

It was a fun night, and a fun first concert for Brooklyn.  I really like Selena Gomez, because she has that wholesome-Disney vibe, and her songs all have great messages.  We’re just not sure how we feel about Selena dating Justin Beiber….


One Response to “SELENA GOMEZ!!!”

  1. Velvet Says:

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Kate loves Justin Beiber but she still finds it in her heart to like Selena and we watch Wizards of Waverly Place on Netfix constantly! Glad you three had a good time, that is a fun first concert to get to go to.

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