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Air “Soft” October 4, 2011

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 9:32 am

The neighborhood boys have a new collective pasttime:  shooting each other with air soft guns.  I don’t get the attraction.

Air Soft Obstacle Course

The boys spent their hard-earned money on this contraband.  I told them they had to shoot any animals that poop on my lawn, but so far, that hasn’t been going too well.

On this particular day, one kid brought these big pieces of cardboard he had fashioned, and they set them up all over the back yard and used them as protective shields.  They then took turns doing one-on-one quick battles.  Usually the wars are epic in scope and take place at “the field,” a patch of trees at the far end of the local retention pond.

As you can see, Quinn was ready for action and loving his new weapon.  Now that he knows what a natural good shot he is, there is no going back.

I guess the next parenting steps are monitoring ammo purchases to keep the high-density stuff out of our stash, making sure the guns are treated well and put out of reach of any visiting small children, and providing enough protective eye wear to ensure that no one shoots their eye out!



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