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Upper Belts October 9, 2011

Filed under: Karate — Jen @ 8:27 pm

Nice Belts.

Ryan and Brooklyn both tested for new belts this past weekend.  Brooklyn advanced to blue belt, and Ryan to (woohoo!) red belt.  This means Ryan and Quinn are both just 2 belts away from black, and Brooklyn is just 1 belt away from being in the same class as the boys!  This last part is super exciting to me, because it means just one trip each night to the karate school, instead of two.  YES!

Ryan really looked good in this test.  It is so satisfying to see the progress he has made over the last several years.  He looked focused, prepared, and intense.  He performed one of his 6 made-up techniques, this one against a backhanded knife slash.  It was a beautiful technique, simple and elegant.  It is one of his better creations, for sure.

Brooklyn did pretty well, too.  She had practiced her katas and new techniques, but still looked a little unsure at times.  She has such a shy and mild personality, that the loud confidence the karate requires is really out of her comfort zone.  It will be interesting to watch her over the coming years to see how she handles this.  She is really bright and learns quickly.

We celebrated after the test in our customary fashion, with shakes at Iceberg.  Grandpa Roper and Grandma Stott joined us.  I have promised the kids a huge party with everyone we know invited when they achieve black belt.  I am really looking forward to it!!


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