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Magical Hot Water From the Center of the Earth October 11, 2011

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 7:38 am

Actual conversation I had with Quinn recently.

Me:  Quinn, it’s time for you to take a shower.

Quinn:  But Brooklyn took all the hot water.

Me:  What are you going to do?

Quinn: I’ll just take one tomorrow night.

Me:  No.  Try again.

Quinn:  I’ll get up early and take one in the morning.

Me:  I wish I believed you.  Try again.

Quinn:  But I don’t want to take a cold shower!!

Me:  Why don’t you just wait 20 minutes?

Quinn:  What?!  It’s not like we’re magically going to have hot water in 20 minutes!

*crickets chirping*

Me:  How far do you think our hot water has to come?  Do you think it comes from the center of the earth?  We absolutely will have hot water in 20 minutes.  Like Magic.

Quinn:  (confused look on his face)

Me:  Quinn, where does our house get it’s hot water?

Quinn:  The pipes?

Me:  You mean it comes into the house already hot?

Quinn:  Ummm… no.

Me:  Well, how do we turn cold water into hot water?

Quinn:  With a fire?

Me:  And where is this fire?  That’s inside our house?

Quinn:  Uhhh….

This went on for some time, until I finally walked him through the thought process behind a water heater.  By the time I explained it all, the water was already hot.  How does knowledge like this slip through the cracks?  My dad is a plumber, and my 13 year old son does not know where hot water comes from.  He knows where babies come from, but not hot water.  I think we have failed as parents!!

Sidenote:  to check the level of oblivious in this house, when Ryan came downstairs a few minutes later, I asked him where our house gets its hot water.  Ryan didn’t even hesitate.  He answered, “heater,” and pointed to the laundry room where our water heater and furnace are.  In all fairness, though, Ryan spends much less time than Quinn on Tatooine.


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