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Quinn’s Fall Choir Concert October 14, 2011

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I’m not really sure how many choir concerts I’m going to post about… like the karate belt tests, probably all of them.

Last week was Ryan’s concert, and this week was Quinn’s turn.  The difference here is that Quinn didn’t really know when the concert was.  Last week, he said, “Oh yeah, mom, my choir concert is next week.”  I said, “What day?”  and he replied, “Thursday I think.  Or Wednesday.  No, I think it’s Thursday.”  I (foolishly) took him at his word and did no digging of my own.

Wednesday afternoon, Quinn mentioned offhandedly, “My choir concert is tonight.”  I kind of freaked out on him.  Tonight?!  You said it was tomorrow night!  He then said, “Yeah, tomorrow night.  Wait, no, it’s tonight.”  I thought I would strangle him.  I checked our tickets (there is not enough seating for everyone to bring 15 family members, so you have to have tickets to get in) and the tickets confirmed, it’s tonight.  And by tonight, I mean Wednesday, not Thursday, as previously believed.

I had to scramble quickly to move my piano lessons up and get some dinner warmed up (it was fortunate that we had leftovers in the fridge) so we could eat before the 7 pm concert.  In the end, all was well, we were on time, and the concert was, as usual, a fun event.

I know he is hard to spot, but Quinn is dead center. I added the yellow arrow to help you find him.

Quinn was excited about this specific concert.  He is now in mixed chorus, which gives them a little broader range of what they can sing, and adds a new dimension to the music.  They sang a song called “Rhythm of Life.”  I hadn’t heard it before, but as you can imagine, it was very rhythmic and not very wordy.  Quinn loved this song, and we loved listening to it.  It was a fun one.

After the concert, the choir teacher said thanks for coming, and then suggested we take our students out for ice cream.  The kids thought this was a fine idea, but I did not.  Our poor deprived kids who just went out for shakes a few days ago after the belt test had to settle for Sobe’s from the gas station.  Funny sidebar about those Sobe’s:  all three kids independently came up with the same idea as me… drink half the Sobe tonight, and I will put the rest in your lunch tomorrow.  I guess I’m not as creative as I thought.


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