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More Bizarre Dental Problems October 19, 2011

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 1:58 pm

It seems every time we go to the dentist, we find new and interesting ways to be unique.  I don’t think the dentist (or the orthodontist, or the oral surgeon) will ever forget us.  Here’s a quick recap of what we have already experienced.

  • Quinn had 4 wisdom teeth, 3 extra teeth and 2 babies removed at age 9.  One of those removed was a perfectly formed adult incisor.
  • Quinn also has a malformed front tooth.  Not only is the tooth hooked, but the root as well.  That same tooth has the incredibly rare dens-en-dente (tooth inside a tooth) malformation.  This weird tooth did not respond to the spring retainer, and he had to have braces to fix it, which will, of course, be followed by a second round of braces for tooth straightening, starting in the next few months.
  • Brooklyn inherited an underbite, which the dentist tells us happens to only 1% of white people.  We won the lottery on that.  This particular condition necessitated an early round of braces, which will later be followed by some teeth-straightening braces in her junior high years.

Today we learned that what Ryan thought was a cavity, was something much rarer.  He now joins the ranks of Stott family members with unusual dental problems.  Congratulations, Ryan.  The dentist said his newest top molars are shaped like jelly beans, instead of being round like they are supposed to.  This causes a little sensitive area between the molars which will (hopefully!!) go away on it’s own over time.

Oh, and just for laughs, it turns out Quinn is having a similar situation with his bottom molars, except the weird shape is front-back instead of side-side like Ryan’s.

We came out with zero cavities between the 4 of us, and Ryan’s condition still does not require braces, so Hallelujah!!  And he refuses to acknowledge that there is anything at all unusual with his teeth.  Funny kid.


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