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And We’re Back in Braces January 15, 2012

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 9:08 am

The dreaded day finally arrived.  After enjoying his orthodontia-free mouth for many months, the good times came to an end, and Quinn went back in braces.  This round is definitely more serious than the first.  The appointment took nearly 2 hours, to take pictures and x-rays, chisel the permanent retainer off his top teeth, and set brackets on all his top and bottom teeth.  This round is strictly the traditional smile-straightening type, and should take 18-24 months to complete.  Poor kid.  He is not thrilled.

He left the orthodontist’s office feeling uncomfortable, unhappy, and kind of sore.  It’s definitely tough to keep that end result in mind when you have to turn down hard candy and sticky caramels and the like.  Quinn is right in the middle of that awkward-junior high-puberty stage of life.  He is a pretty good-looking kid, but he is skinny and growing fast, still unsure of himself, and wearing glasses, braces, and acne.  Within about 2 years, I believe he will emerge from this and be tall, confident, and accomplished, with a black belt and straight teeth!  I sometimes wish I had a photo of his future self, to keep him going!


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