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Sacrament Meeting January 20, 2012

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Our family was asked to speak in sacrament meeting last week.  It was a very interesting experience.  Our topic was about building testimonies through regular attendance at church and church activities.  The surprising challenge for me was helping the kids write their talks.  I started by talking to them about their feelings on the subject.  I asked them to think of an experience to share, and I asked them why they chose that experience. It was tough getting them to say something meaningful, and show a little honesty and vulnerability with their spiritual thoughts.  They were quite proud of the final product, though, with good reason.  Their talks were pretty good, and used personal experiences and scriptures to make their points.  I caught Brooklyn and Quinn practicing their talks on each other Saturday afternoon.


The more nerve-wracking thing for me was that we had also been asked to do a musical number.  Coming up with a musical number has never been a big deal for me, but involving my family in that changed the situation a lot.  Brooklyn mentioned the Primary song “A Child’s Prayer” in her talk, so I thought we should sing that one.  But when I had Ryan look through it, I realized he was a long ways from being able to play it, and I was a little dejected about the whole thing.  I ended up modifying “I am Like a Star” to be played by all three of them.  It was not perfect, but they did pretty good, for only having one day of practice.

The "I am Like a Star" trio

The actual delivery of the talks went quite well.  The kids all did great, and gave their talks just as they practiced.  I ended up cutting my talk a bit short, leaving out a fair amount of what I had prepared.  (Edited talks are better, anyway, right?)  Robb’s talk was excellent, and I wanted to leave him plenty of time.  We got some very nice compliments, which felt good.  All in all, I think the best part of the experience was helping the kids think about their testimonies, and of course, the part where it’s over and we won’t need to do that again for a few years!!


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