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Awesome-sauce Blanket Fort ’12 February 2, 2012

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 9:12 am

The re-building process can be tedious

It was a beautiful day to build a blanket fort.  It’s an activity that lasts hours and can be enjoyed for days.  Some PVC pipe, clamps, and blankets, along with a willingness to rearrange furniture, are all you need.  Unfortunately, this particular blanket fort has a somewhat rickety frame, which is prone to collapse right in the middle.  The kids brought in reinforcements: Master Blanket-Fort Builder, Robb Stott.  He brought his nearly useless assistant (me) with him.  After much tears, frustration, yelling and tension, we finally rebuilt the blanket fort in style.

What is that sound? Is it the vacuum?

The kids love doing this.  I can tell, because it prompted them to vacuum without any suggestion from me before they began.  Not only did I hear the vacuum from a distance (an unusual sound, to be sure), but I also saw the evidence.  In other words, they neglected to put the vacuum away.  But, it is really difficult for me to give them a hard time about that.

Awesome-Sauce Indeed

Blanket forts are for: board games, fake fireplaces, sleeping on the floor, reading, and apparently several hours of bickering.  Awesome-sauce, indeed.


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