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The Opposite Twins February 8, 2012

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Our visit to the hair salon today was an excellent illustration of how different Ryan and Quinn are.  At first glance, they look so similar.  They are within an inch in height, and 5 pounds in weight, barely over a year in age, with similar voices, similar hair color, similar facial features, and they both wear glasses.  It really is not much surprise that we are frequently asked if they are twins, and the adults around them frequently call them by the wrong name.  When they were babies, the nurse at our pediatrician’s office even told me it was “twins the hard way.”  Not sure I agree with that.

The similarities end there.  Today, I was a few minutes late picking Ryan up from high school.  He called me immediately after school to talk to me about purchasing a choir t-shirt, and I told him I would meet him in the parking lot in 10 minutes.  He came out, fully prepared, with all his stuff and all his homework already done.

Picking up Quinn was a different story.  He normally rides the bus home, but he is also in the school musical, so he stayed late today to practice.  I wasn’t sure whether he would be staying late or not today, or how late he would be, or whether he needed a ride.  After a phone call with the mother of his BFF Kyle, I discovered it was the same story with Kyle.  His mom was equally uninformed.  Since the weather was bad, and I was on a schedule, I drove to the school and found the two junior high boys, with their stuff scattered everywhere, unprepared, with lots of homework.

Both Ryan and Quinn were in desperate need of haircuts.  For something fun and new, I took them to the nearby Sport Clips after school.  Ryan loves sports, especially basketball, and frequently laments the lack of family involvement in sporting activities.  If we were one of those families that was always at the gym or the ball field, it would be just fine with Ryan.  He is in his element being active.  He was not particularly keen on the idea of shorter hair, but he was loving sitting inside Sport Clips.  They had ball games playing on multiple tv’s, and the place was full of lockers and gym towels, and such.  I asked him what he thought about being there, and he replied, “I don’t really want to get my hair cut, but I love this place!”  Because it was his first visit, he got a complimentary hot-towel-facial and a scalp massage.  Ryan loved it.

An hour later, I took Quinn to the same place.  The staff were a little confused.  They recognized me, and there I was, sitting in the same spot with another teenage boy in a white shirt.  As we waited for Quinn’s turn, I asked him what he thought.  He didn’t care at all about the sports theme, or the games on tv.  I think he would have preferred a George Lucas movie, honestly.  He was just glad to be getting a haircut.  He said it was getting so long, he was ready to pull it out with his hands.  He also got the hot-towel-facial and scalp massage, and also loved it.

Some other subtle differences in their personalities:

Favorite Movies: Ryan, Inception.  Quinn, SpiderMan.
Favorite Foods: Ryan, almost anything.  Quinn, almost nothing.
Relationship with Sister: Ryan, most likely to draw blood.  Quinn, most likely to draw laughter.
Bedtime Routine: Ryan, procrastinate, stay up late, sleep in.  Quinn, go to bed early, get up early.
Preferred Pasttimes: Ryan, basketball and sports-themed video games.  Quinn, pretending to fight bad guys.

You get the idea.  The list is basically endless.  They are both awful good boys, though.


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