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I Hate Food February 13, 2012

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 9:39 am

Food is my nemesis.  You have NO idea.

This week’s exciting adventures into food experimentation involved blackberries.  YUM.  First, I made these chocolate blackberry cookies

…which required me to mash the berries into a puree.  I had more puree than I needed, and I certainly cannot imagine letting all the lovely blackberries go to waste, so I made blackberry pancake syrup with the rest.  I put it over buttermilk pancakes for breakfast…

…and Robb told me he has now decided that blackberries might be his favorite fruit.  That’s how delicious homemade blackberry syrup and buttermilk pancakes taste.

You’d think I’d be feeling awesome about all this fun cooking, and in a certain way I am, but in another much more real way, I’m disappointed.

I remember dinners as a child.  My mom didn’t love making dinner, but she always put a good meal on the table.  My dad was home by 5:15 every night, and dinner was shortly thereafter.  We ate together, we loved the meal, the boys had second helpings, and we fought over the leftovers.  I imagine it must have made my mom feel good that there was so much attention on the food she just prepared.  I have never been able to recreate this atmosphere in my own home.  Not even close.

My family doesn’t care about food.  They don’t like eating.  They’re not into flavor.  There’s no impressing them with food.

Ryan while being forced to eat Brazil nuts.

I have to feed them certain foods, for the sake of their health.  I frequently have to force Brooklyn to sit at the table and eat her meal.  I’m on a new quest in increase Ryan’s body fat percentage.  (Drastically… if you saw him with his shirt off, you would understand.)  Robb has requested massive amounts of protein.  I think Brooklyn may have some intolerance to lactose and/or gluten, and I’m trying to experiment with that.  I personally need to eat fewer carbs and more vegetables.  Quinn is growing so fast, he is constantly hungry.  He asks me for more food all the time.  It’s a frustrating and delicate balance.

So yes, the blackberry syrup was all that and a bag of chips.  It tasted divine.

But pancakes do not have enough protein for Robb.  They have too many carbs for me.  They won’t stay with Quinn past 2nd period.  They aren’t substantial enough to help Ryan put on any weight.  And Brooklyn ate hers without the syrup, because even though she has never tried it, she is quite certain that she will not like the taste of blackberry syrup.

I’m posting a picture of this online, in the desperate hope that someone outside my home will tell me how amazing it would be to have this breakfast.

I’m also going back to the drawing board, to find a new way to take care of my family.


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