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Daddy Daughter Valentine Dance February 14, 2012

Filed under: Fun Days,Holidays — Jen @ 3:55 pm

The evening began this way…

…when Brooklyn asked me to help her do “that thing” in her hair.  I knew what she meant.  This hairdo is way cute, and she has the perfect hair for it.  (Well, perfect for an hour or two, anyway.  Anything longer and her do starts falling and sliding all over the place.)  She was super excited for her date with daddy.

Except, she wouldn’t call it a date.  “It’s not a date when it’s your dad,” she said.

She completed her look with a pink heart necklace and some lip gloss.  She looked beautiful.  I told Robb, “Your daughter looks beautiful,” and he replied, “I think she’s out of my league.”  Probably true.  He later told the boys, “You know how you get a pretty girl to dance with you?  You make one.  And then brainwash her.”

I thought the two of them looked really cute, and I was excited for them to have a nice Valentine evening together.  Brooklyn is pretty lucky to have such a devoted dad.  The fact that she is the only girl means she gets all the daughter-love he has to give.  Which is quite a bit!!

The dance was nice, they seemed to have a good time.  Robb reported that they danced the two-step, the box-step, and the limbo, but were unfortunately in the middle of juice and cookies during the chicken dance.  Brooklyn told him he could still chicken dance while sitting down.

The evening ended this way…

…which is a terrible, but unfortunately all too common, end to the lovely evening.  She never did toss her cookies, but felt ill enough to warrant leaving the dance early.  It was still a good memory that both of them will carry with them for many years to come.


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