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Armpits and Ears March 4, 2012

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 9:49 am

When our kids were little, instead of spelling things, we frequently used code words.  For instance, if we wanted ice cream, but didn’t want to alert the kids to it, we called it “frozen delight.”  Instead of pulling my hair out and screaming, “Put these kids to bed!” I would gently say, “Perhaps the evening has come to an end.”  When kids are 1 and 2 years old, it works.

Now that our kids are older, we have different kinds of code words.  Actually, it’s just with Brooklyn that we have code words.  She is so modest, she will not even say the word “hell” when she comes across it in the scriptures.  Robb tells a story of his dad describing another such modest person by saying, “She wouldn’t say sh*t if she had a mouth full of it!”  It certainly fits for Brooklyn.

She was quite irritated at me the day I took her photo by this painted wall.

“It says ‘beer,’ Mom.”
“It’s a cool looking wall, Brooklyn.”
“But it says ‘beer.'”
“Brooklyn, just because it says the word ‘beer,’ it does not mean you’re going to drink it.  It doesn’t mean anyone is going to think you are drinking it.  It doesn’t mean you are telling people to drink it.  It’s just a cool old painted wall.”  It did not stop her being irritated about it.

Once, Brooklyn was telling Robb that his hair was too long.  “Your hair is as long as mine, Daddy,” she said.  He replied, “No it’s not.  Mine is only to my shoulders.  Yours is clear down to your boobs.”  Brooklyn was shocked!  “Daddy!!” she screamed, “Say armpits!  Your hair is down to your armpits!”  Robb and I got a good laugh from that, and ever since that day “armpits” has been code.  As in:

“Wow, that girl’s armpits are hanging out of her clothes!”

“That guy just keeps looking at that girl’s armpits!”

“Do you need to put a bra on those armpits?”

Recently, Brooklyn has instituted a new code word, “ears.”  This one stems from a song that Robb has sung to the kids since they were quite little.  It’s one that his dad sang to him, and it took Robb nearly into adulthood to figure out why the song was funny.  Quinn figured it out last year, and when he did, he laughed his head off.

There once was an Indian maid,
She laid in the shade all day,
She laid in the grass
With a feather in her… ear,
Oh, she was an Indian maid.

So there you have it, “ear” is now code for @$$.  I don’t know why she doesn’t just say “rear end” or something a little milder.  I guess “ear” is just more fun.

Last night, Brooklyn was telling us about an Avril Lavigne song, which had a line with the word “ear.”  It took me a minute to realize what she was talking about!  We give her a hard time, but honestly, we hope she never grows out of this one!


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