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My Kids are So Lucky March 5, 2012

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 7:46 am

The boys went to Klondike camp this weekend, leaving Brooklyn home alone with Robb and me.  Robb had the brilliant idea that we should take a break and go to the gas station for refreshment.  He stated his idea this way, “Brooklyn, why don’t you take your mother and me to the gas station for drinks?”  I suspect that is where Brooklyn got the idea…

When we got in the car, she said, “I want to practice driving.  Not sitting on your lap, I want to use the pedals.”

Lap driving is not new to our kids.  Robb has been letting them sit on his lap and drive home from church for years.  They have gotten too big for that, however, and the transition is a little tough.  (Mostly for me!)

So, on the way home from the gas station, Robb pulled into the church parking lot, and got out.  I immediately volunteered to get in the back seat!  Brooklyn did pretty good, actually.  Robb had her practice using the brake and gas pedals, and we made 3 or 4 passes in a circle around the lot.  Brooklyn only hit about 4 imaginary cars, 2 imaginary children, and 1 imaginary puppy.  She also drove home (the one block) from the church, and after a 2nd try, successfully parked the car in the driveway.  She was feeling pretty proud of herself.  Robb and I thought she did quite well, especially for a 10-year old.

Robb gave her this last piece of fatherly advice, something he learned from his father:

“If we pass a cop, sit up tall and act like you know what you’re doing!”


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