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Ryan’s Spring Choir Concert March 25, 2012

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Another day, another batch of absolutely terrible photos.  Oy.

Ryan’s choir concert was every bit the disaster Quinn’s was, for us anyway.  The concert itself was spectacular, the singing was great, it was just the chaos it caused us at home that was a problem.

Getting Ryan to school, and getting myself back home, is a 30-40 minute ordeal during off-peak traffic hours.  At 5:00 pm?  Plan on an hour at least.  Ryan announced the day before the concert that while the concert itself began at 7:00, he needed to be there at 5:00.  I, of course, teach from 3:00 to 6:00 on Wednesdays, and can’t exactly break away for an entire hour to get him there. I told him if he couldn’t find a ride with a friend, we would have to e-mail the teacher and let her know that we have no way to get you there on time.  Ryan called me from the school at lunch to share his brilliant idea with me:  Stay at school and goof off until 5:00.  I reluctantly agreed.

Concert uniform is black pants, a white oxford shirt, and a silver tie.  He was supposed to wear it at school all day, but when he came upstairs in the morning, I banned him from wearing the pants to school.  They were absolutely filthy!  So I had to wash his pants during the day and bring them with me.

He also called me after school (just as I was starting my afternoon of piano lessons) to remind me that he needs a kazoo for the concert.  As simple an item as a kazoo is, I was stressed about where to find one.  I checked the dollar store with no luck.  After piano lessons, I ran to Target as fast as my little car would carry me, and fortunately found one!  I raced back home to grab my family and Ryan’s pants and tie and some dinner for him (he called me again at 5 or so to tell me how hungry he was.  Like he didn’t see that coming.), and we headed down to his school.

I just love the choir teacher at this school!  She is dedicated and smart and always chooses great pieces for the kids to do.  Ryan is in Men’s Chorus this year, and they sounded great.  He especially loved singing “Blue Skies.”  I complain a lot about the craziness and chaos of our schedule some days, but honestly, it’s all worth it.  Ryan loves choir, and the choir concert was fantastic!  It was a good time!


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