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The Best and The Worst April 26, 2012

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We *try* to have a gospel-centered discussion at the breakfast table.  Some days are more successful than others.  It is my job to make breakfast and lunch, and Robb’s job to lead the discussion or scripture reading.  This morning, Robb asked the kids this question:

What is the best and worst thing about our family?

The answers were, frankly, enlightening.  Everyone’s worst thing is basically the thing they get in trouble for the most.

Let’s start with Brooklyn’s answers.

The best:  family togetherness
The worst: She had trouble picking just one from all the bad things about us, I guess.  She started by saying we have a messy house, which is kind of funny, because she is by far the messiest person here.  She then changed her answer to eggs.  Everyone likes eggs but her, and we were all eating eggs during this conversation.  Except Brooklyn, who was eating grapefruit. (Robb’s reaction to this answer:  “Eggs?!  Eggs is the worst thing about our family?  I guess we’re doing okay, then!) Then she made yet another change and said the worst thing was all the farting.  Again, she is by far the fartiest person in the family.

Quinn’s answers were a little more low-key, which is just like Quinn.

The best: That we all get along.
The worst: Grades.  It’s true, all our kids have struggled with their grades, but Quinn’s struggles have been big and public lately.  I have basically banned him from doing anything fun or entertaining until the grades come up.  He’s well into week two at this point, and praying he’ll be able to attend an upcoming party with his friends this weekend.

Quinn was actually the last to answer, and his answer led to a discussion of “the school of hard knocks,” and me telling him that my grades were so-so at the moment, too.  I told him that I’m basically failing my “Installing Google Analytics” class and not doing so great in my “SEO Basics” class or my “Decent Food Photography” class.  I’m doing much better at my “Joining the Blogging Community” class, though.  He was confused, and thought I was taking some actual classes, and I had to explain that in much of life, there are no classes.  You just teach yourself.  And you feel really grateful for Google.

Ryan has a little different way of looking at life than the other kids.  I sometimes wonder if he realizes that the things that bother him about other family members are the exact same things that bother other family members about him.

The best: Family activities (no surprise there.  The kid wishes we could have a big family card game or chess tournament every night of the week.)
The worst: Not listening.  By that, he meant that people don’t listen to him.  But what is actually happening is that he is not listening to people.

If you want an enlightening conversation, ask this question of your own kids.  I’d love to hear your answers.


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