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Awesome Sauce Piano Recital ’12 April 30, 2012

Filed under: Daily Life,Fun Days — Jen @ 4:33 pm

It’s been two years since I held a recital for my students.  So I now feel two years worth of relief that it’s over.

We held the recital at the Taylorsville Bennion Heritage Center in Taylorsville.  This is the old Jones home, which is right next to Jones Dairy on 4800 South. This home belonged to my mother’s great-grandparents, and she has memories of holidays spent in this home.  Since being transformed into a museum, it has been filled with fun historic finds and antiques, among them an 1884 box grand piano. The piano actually belonged at one time to Adam Bennion, a native of the Taylorsville area, and an apostle in the church.  It is old and fragile and super cool-looking, but not the most fun thing to play on.  It has trouble holding a tune, and is not very responsive.  The students universally found it to be distracting to play on.

Which was kind of the point.  Welcome to real life, kids.

It was also an unusual recital for me, because I had the audience singing hymns so kids could practice playing for a congregation (a useful skill for we church-going folks).  Ryan even conducted one of the hymns, beautifully, I might add.  He has a pretty good feel for music.

Ryan performed “Fur Elise” by Beethoven, and did a pretty good job.  He was pretty well prepared.  Brooklyn never finished learning her duet (grrrr…) so she only performed her too-easy solo, called “Curious Kittens.”  She did really well, although she had a look of terror on her face.  I thought she might cry.  Quinn was the brave one, playing and singing a popular song you’ve probably heard on the radio, “Someone Like You” by Adele.  His singing was a little hard to hear, but his playing was fantastic.  He also did a duet with cousin Sage, “In The Hall Of The Mountain King.”  Classic.

We celebrated with ice cream at Iceberg afterward.  Which was wonderful!  The kids think we need to celebrate every little thing with ice cream, and I think we should reserve ice cream outings for karate belt tests, piano recitals, and possibly birthdays.  Possibly.

I know, I know.  Meanest mom ever.

Wait… it gets better.  Since I am taking the week after recital off from teaching, I have the time to be extra heavy on piano time with my own kids!!  Everyone gets a week off but them!  Yep, being a mean mom is awesome.


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