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Happy Birthday Ryan! May 11, 2012

Filed under: Daily Life,Holidays — Jen @ 8:34 pm

Ryan has really been looking forward to his birthday this year.  Not that I can blame him.  Fifteen is a big one.  He has been… how can I say this?… what’s the opposite of subtle?  Whatever it is, that’s what he’s been about his gift ideas.  Whatever he sees at the store, or hears his friends talking about, or randomly thinks about, that’s what he wants.

He scored pretty well, though.  All his gifts seemed to suit his personality quite well.  There was A LOT of U of U paraphernalia, including pillowcases, a garbage can, a roll of duct tape, and a t-shirt.  He got the pull-up bar he’s been dreaming of.  (I’m pretty sure he’s the only family member that can even do one pull up.)  He got a new pillow, which is actually way more exciting than it sounds.  He even got a gift certificate to the go-kart place.

For his night out with the folks, we had dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Ryan drained his cherry limeade, scarfed the cheese fries, adored the rolls and cinnamon butter, and then didn’t have room for his NY Strip.  Oh well.  We then went to see “The Avengers,”  which Ryan described as “awesome.”  It was a pretty fun show, and certainly his style.  We had trouble getting seats, so we ended up at the late show.  Ryan carried our leftovers into the house, and nearly took them down to his bedroom.  I caught him and sent him to the kitchen, which apparently wasn’t enough direction, because I found the leftovers on the kitchen counter the next morning.  He blamed it on the late hour, and said he was tired.  I have my doubts.

Thought I’d share a couple other photos from the Roper party…

The girls think it’s hilarious to crowd Grandpa out of his chair.

And here’s one of me, because I have the most awesome bruise on my cheek, thanks to the dentist.  This is what I get for flossing.  Seriously.

All in all, Ryan seemed to have a really wonderful birthday.  He thanked everyone profusely, and said his gifts were perfect for him.  He said he got everything he wanted!  What more could a kid ask for?


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