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“Half Black” May 19, 2012

Filed under: Fun Days,Karate — Jen @ 11:47 pm

After nearly 7 1/2 years of karate lessons, Quinn has arrived at high red belt.  This week was the test, and it was so fun to watch!!

Here are some fun facts about this belt test and rank:

  • Black belt is belt number 11.  High red, which Quinn just received, is belt number 10.  Which means that within another year or two, he’ll be testing for black belt, and we will be throwing one humongous party!
  • Quinn had to make up three scenarios, each involving using karate against two different attackers, both with weapons.  Quinn really tends to prefer the knife techniques.
  • During circle grabs (where the tester is surrounded by people who take turns attacking very quickly, and he defends as quickly as possible from all sides), Quinn was attacked by the instructors.  He looked fantastic, and his teacher said he definitely felt the hits.  This is a long way from where he began 7 years ago!
  • The head teacher, Mr. Bennett, mentioned aloud during the test that Quinn had improved a great deal recently, which is true.

Quinn looked fantastic in the test, and we were so proud of him!!


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