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Happy Mothers Day! May 19, 2012

Filed under: Holidays — Jen @ 11:21 pm

Since my grandparents are getting quite elderly, and having more and more trouble getting around, my mom decided to bring the Mothers Day celebration to them this year.  We had a little dinner spread by the pool Sunday afternoon.  By the time we got there, my Grandfathers time in the wheelchair had, of necessity, come to an end, and he had returned to his bed, near the sliding door where he could watch the remaining festivities.  I did manage to snap a few shots of them while we were there.

In this first picture, Ryan and Quinn are standing with Grandma, and she is commenting about how tall they are, and how they have passed her up in height.  Grandpa seemed surprised that Ryan just celebrated his 15th birthday.  Time marches on, I guess.

In this second shot, you can see all the kids with Grandma and Grandpa.  I’m glad Grandpa didn’t mind being photographed!!  It really was a very nice afternoon, and it was nice to visit with everyone.


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