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Monster May 20, 2012

Filed under: Daily Life,Fun Days — Jen @ 12:05 am

Some time ago, we decided that Brooklyn just loves dogs too much for us to not have one.  Actually, I blame Robb, because I’m pretty sure he decided that, and I went along with it.  He loves having a daughter, that one.

After some research and thought, and discussions with coworkers, we finally arrived at the perfect breed for us, the Bichon Frise.  These dogs are friendly, love attention, smart and good at tricks, hypo-allergenic, small, and most importantly… they don’t shed.  And, by the way, they are also kind of hard to find.

We decided to just keep our eyes open, and check ksl periodically.  This worked in our favor, and we were able to pick up an 8-month old male on the first day he was advertised in the classifieds.  We had to drive to Cedar City to pick him up, but we didn’t mind.  It was a fun day trip, and all worth it.  We left the boys behind, and since Grace was spending the weekend, she and Brooklyn came with us to Cedar City.

The moment we told her happened quite perfectly.  We were meeting the previous owner in a parking lot, and just as we told Brooklyn what was happening, the owner and dog pulled up next to us.  The dog seemed very happy to see us, and we had no trouble at all making friends.  We quickly bought him a collar and leash, and took him for a walk on the grass near the parking lot.  Brooklyn was in heaven!

The drive home was pretty fun.  The dog was very good natured, happy, and didn’t bark at all.  We brought him home and immediately washed him, fed him, and created a bathroom area in the yard for him.  He is already getting the hang of the bathroom spot, and being quiet, although he will still need some training in other areas.  He will also be getting a trip to the groomers and one to the vet soon!

Brooklyn decided to name him “Monster.”  I’m still a little disappointed that she didn’t choose my suggestion, which was Samson.  I think he would make an adorable “Sammy.”

I’ve never been much of a pet-lover, personally, so I hope this goes well.  As long as Brooklyn is happy (and willing to scoop the poop) I can’t complain!


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