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Summer Days… June 4, 2012

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 1:00 pm

The last day of school is such a magical day, isn’t it?  The kids are all full of hope and plans and excitement.  June 1 brought goodbyes to school friends, and hellos to neighborhood friends.  The boys carried out some big plans to walk to the nearby theater and see a movie with some other boys.

Brooklyn’s plans to attend a friends birthday party were thwarted, and she found herself alone and plan-less.

I had my own exciting project, cleaning our camping equipment.  Ugh.  So, Brooklyn and Monster helped me set up the tent and chairs, and spray them off with the hose.  We learned that the dog is scared of the hose, and that I am basically completely incapable of blowing up an air mattress on my own.  Then Brooklyn donned her swimsuit and I sprayed her while she jumped on the trampoline.

I snapped a few shots of Brooklyn, and the dog, and the flowers in our yard.  There aren’t very many flowers this year, but those we have are gorgeous.  It’s fun to see the work of a years past pay off.

We are all looking forward to a beautiful summer!


One Response to “Summer Days…”

  1. Jen Moyer Says:

    Love the pic of Brooklyn and Monster… Super cute post

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