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Distant Lands and Places June 16, 2012

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Sort of.

It was a first in my life, traveling alone.  Attending a conference.  Staying in a really nice hotel.  It was the traveling alone that had me nervous, but it all worked out okay.  I did miss my family, but I was busy enough that I didn’t have time to be homesick.  Besides, even being the homebody that I am, it takes more than 2 days away for me to get homesick.

I traveled to Seattle, Washington, for my very first food blogging convention.  If you haven’t checked out my food blog yet, please feel free to do it now.  I recently had it re-designed, and it is looking so beautiful and professional!

Seattle was fun and informative.  I attended several classes about photography, social media, writing styles, technical aspects, and working with brands.  I also sampled some fantastic food and met some fantastic people.  I thought it might bother me to eat dinner alone, but honestly, it was a really nice evening.

Since Seattle is pretty close to Portland, Emily and Ryan drove up and spent the evening with me on Saturday.  We walked down to the pier, and explored Pike’s Place Market, which was really fun!  We had dinner at a great seafood restaurant inside Pike’s Market called Lowells.  It was a nice evening, and even the weather cooperated.

My hotel, the Fairmont Olympic

The Westlake Blue Trees, a Seattle fixture.

It was awesome of my family to give me a couple days to go do something fun for myself.  I’m excited to take my blog to the next level!



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