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Quinn Has a Brush with Adulthood June 18, 2012

Filed under: Fun Days — Jen @ 2:36 pm

The kid turned 14 this month.  I swear his face changes everyday.  I feel like I have to study him in the morning, because he’ll be bigger by bedtime.  His hands have finally grown bigger than mine, and his feet passed mine up years ago.  This year, we celebrated at Fat Cats, with bowling, pizza, and arcade games.  Quinn says it’s because he likes bowling, but actually, it’s because he likes arcade games.

I will say, we penny-pinchers gave him only $5 to spend at the arcade, and he used that to play just 4 games, only two of which actually give tickets, and he still came away with the largest collection of arcade tickets in recent history.  His name should go on a wall somewhere for this feat.  His final count was just shy of 300 tickets.

From two games.

We had to wait a couple weeks for the family get-together.  Between the business trips and family gatherings, it was lucky we found a day to do it at all.  We settled on Fathers Day, which worked out well, since most of us were planning to just sit around and enjoy our Fathers anyway.  Quinn scored some fun gifts: this funky slingshot thing which was shot into the neighbors yard more than once, a fedora, some much needed clothing, and  a gift card to a fun car-racing place.  The tent we bought Ryan and Quinn arrived in the mail… the day after the party.

We had chocolate cupcakes and ice cream with hot strawberry sauce.  And I know this looks like 5 candles on his cupcake, but it’s actually 1+4=14. Or 41.  Take your pick.  He refused to share his birthday wish with us, even though Uncle Glenn reminded him that if you tell your wish to your parents, it’s more likely to come true.

Unless you’re wishing for a girlfriend.  Your parents will not help you with that.

It’s been a big year for Quinn.  He has grown a ton, completed junior high and prepared to enter high school.  He is just one belt away from black belt, and he discovered his love of acting, singing, and being in the spotlight in general.  He also served as Deacon’s Quorum President for several months, and has now been ordained as a Teacher.  He has a well-deserved reputation as a fun friend and well-behaved kid.  We just love Quinn!


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