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Joining the Army July 3, 2012

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 8:34 am

The boys went to Youth Conference last week.  The theme this year was ARMY:  Arise Righteous Mormon Youth.  Our youth went (as they frequently do) to the Stake President’s family property in Fountain Green.  It’s a perfect place for youth conference… just far enough away, but not too far, and it’s quiet enough there that it’s tough to get into trouble.

I tried to get good photos of them in their youth conference tees.

As usual, they gave us a few highlights, mostly things like Ryan barfed in the morning from eating too much candy the night before, and we had a great time playing on the swingset.  Useless info, in other words.  The leaders tell me that our boys were very good, and that Ryan is a good dancer and Quinn bore a good testimony.

Thank goodness for leaders.

While they were gone, Brooklyn got spoiled rotten.  Dinner out, movies, frozen yogurt, shopping, the whole thing.  (Don’t tell the boys!)  It’s really a good thing she is not an only child!


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