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My Husband is Mr. Miagi July 23, 2012

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Robb is a way better slave driver than I am.  After we spent all day Friday getting the house clean, we then spent all day Saturday doing chores that make a mess.  And then I spent half of Sunday cleaning up the messes.  This is why I prefer not to slave drive… it’s pure laziness.

On the other hand, my blinds are {finally} really clean.

And my boys can use a commercial pressure washer.  Sort of.

Robb started hauling blinds out to the front yard, and got Quinn started with the pressure washer.  Meanwhile, Ryan was painting the railing by the front door.  It was in desperate need of love, and Robb had pressure washed it a few days earlier to take off any chipping paint.  After a few minutes, the boys switched chores and kept working.  Switching chores keeps everyone fresh.  It also conveniently spreads the blame.

Some of us were tired just watching.

I don’t want you to think I didn’t participate.  I was busy, too.  After all, I had lots of important photos to take.  And I removed some huge blinds and carried them outside, and experienced a very serious fingernail break in the process.  Plus, I washed the windows and left Brooklyn a huge wet muddy mess on the windowsills to deal with.

I always imagined that working with children would get easier as they got older, but the reality has been a little different.  They just have bigger and harder jobs to learn.  Robb said he started out determined not to yell.

We all have good intentions, right?

He gives instructions and the kids act like they know what he’s talking about, and then they proceed to NOT do it.  Robb was working the scrub brush while the kids worked the pressure washer.  “Get the edges, too,” he said.  “You can’t just wash the middle.”

The boys just kept spraying the middle.

He tried again. “Get the edges, I said!  The edges, get the edges!  Over here, spray this part!”  More water down the middle.

Perhaps they can’t hear me over the noise of the pressure washer (it was pretty loud), he thought.  He got closer to their ears.  “Spray. The. Edges!”

“HELLO!! THE EDGES! THE EDGES!  I SAID GET THE EDGES!!!”  At this point, he kind of lost his cool, grabbed the wand, and did the spraying himself.

I had a similar experience helping them with lawn mowing and edging later that day.  “Start where you left off, Quinn.  No, not there, go to where you left off.  Where you left off!  Quinn, do you have any idea what I’m talking about?!!”

Quinn: “No.”

Patience: tested.

Wash the blinds, paint the fence, mow the lawn.  I’m pretty sure wax the car is next.


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