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Fast Kart September 16, 2012

Filed under: Fun Days — Jen @ 12:19 pm

My {genius} parents gave the boys some gift cards to Fast Karts for their birthdays.  At Fast Karts, $25 gets you 15 minutes of go cart racing around a track.  Brooklyn wanted to join in, too, so we took the three of them one summer evening.

Of course, when we got there there was a private party happening and the manager gave us the boot.  So we went to dinner at SmashBurger, where we had a fun time, told jokes, and had a silly face contest.  Then we annoyed Brooklyn with our insisting that she eat her dinner.

Back to Fast Kart, and booted again.  We were getting annoyed at this point.

We took pics in the parking lot, then went to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa.

Back to Fast Kart, and YES!  Third time is a charm.  The kids absolutely loved driving their go carts!  They got a printout at the end, which gave them lots of stats about their fastest laps and so forth.  They didn’t stop talking about it for three days.

Quinn was wearing sandals, so he had to trade shoes with Robb, which were amazingly not that big on him.  I thought Brooklyn might be nervous, but she wasn’t.  At all.  That girl cannot wait to drive!  Ryan was the speed demon of the group.  He was a pretty good driver, and pretty tough to catch.

They seriously loved this activity!  We need to do it again!


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