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First Day of School September 16, 2012

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 12:40 pm

I like it when the first day of school is easy to define.  I mean, the first day of school should be a Monday, and everyone should start on the same day.  People understand that.

But that is not how it happened.

Since it is Quinn’s first year at the charter high school, he had a half day new student orientation on Monday.  Then the high school had two half-day “jump start” days for all the students.  I’m not sure what the purpose of these days really was, because the kids didn’t actually go to class or do any school work to speak of.  Actual school work started on Thursday for the high school boys.  Brooklyn’s school began the following Monday.

So to recap:

Monday: First day for Quinn {sort of}
Tuesday: First day for Ryan {sort of}
Thursday: First day for Ryan and Quinn {for real}
Monday: First day for Brooklyn

Confusing, no?  So how I am supposed to take a cute first day of school picture of all three of them?  You just do the best you can.

The best I could do this year was to quickly snap this one terrible picture of the boys, as the carpool sat honking in the driveway.  I had a little more time with Brooklyn and got a couple cute shots of her.  She is so photogenic!

As I’m writing this, they’ve had a solid three weeks of school, and they are all doing really really well, for the first time ever!  We’re hoping to ride that wave for a while.  Quinn told us that his goal is to get really good grades, and then go to BYU.  It’s a worthy goal, and one we certainly support.  Let’s hope they all do it!


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