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Grandparents October 24, 2012

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 3:42 pm

While my parents have been out of town, I’ve been helping out with a few chores for my grandparents, who are getting quite elderly.  It’s been really hard to watch my strong and independent grandfather deteriorate.  He has been confined to bed for nearly a year now.

My grandmother is very dedicated to him, and does a lot of caring for him, feeding him, encouraging him, and making sure he has what he needs to stay comfortable.  Today, I witnessed a tender moment between them.

The physical therapist had been there working with him, helping him build strength in his legs.  He helped him sit up on the edge of the bed and helped him stand up.  He is not strong enough to stand on his own yet, but he is getting stronger each week.  Grandma and I both told him how great he did, and how much progress he is making, but he seems to feel it is moving too slow.  I think he worries that he will never really be able to stand on his own.

He got kind of emotional, and grandma comforted him and wiped his tears.

It has been a good experience for our family, to be involved in helping them.  The kids cleaned leaves off the swimming pool cover, and helped me paint a bedroom that will be getting new carpet.

Even though it is hard to watch, and emotional, we just love our grandparents!


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