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Our Family’s First 5K November 4, 2012

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With the possible exception of Ryan, we are just not that sporty over here.  We don’t play golf, or go to football games, or even watch sports on tv.  Other than the occasional church volleyball or basketball game, athletics are just not part of our lives.

However… Quinn’s class at school organized a 5K as a fundraiser for a family that is adopting three kids from the Ukraine.  Quinn was definitely involved and wanted to run, and I volunteered to bring some granola bars and sit on a corner directing traffic.  As the race neared, we rallied together and convinced the rest of the family to run, too.

We are definitely not well equipped for these kinds of activities, as you can see from our attire.


I left the family at the start line, and headed to my assigned corner in my bright yellow vest.  While I waited for runners to approach, I took some photos of the changes leaves in the yard next to me.

My spot was probably somewhere between 1/3 to 1/2 way into the race.  Ryan showed up rather quickly, followed closely by Quinn.  Robb and Brooklyn were a few minutes behind them, and Brooklyn really really wanted to stay with me the rest of the race.  Robb pulled her along and made her keep going, though.

When I caught up with the family a little while later at the finish line, Brooklyn was definitely glad to be done, and ready to go home.  Robb said, “Are you proud of yourself?” and she replied, “Yes, but I complained a lot.”

Ryan and Quinn wasted no time expressing their pride.  Ryan was the 12th person to cross the finish line, but because they ran in three heats, we don’t know exactly where that put him in the standing.  His time was about 28 minutes, which I thought was quite good.  Quinn was only a few people behind him, perhaps the 18th person to cross.

I’m pretty sure the fastest person that day was actually a guy in a gorilla suit.  It was weird.

This probably will never become a commonplace family activity, but it was a fun experience, nevertheless.  We asked the kids if they would do it again.  Ryan replied, “Yes!”  Quinn replied, “Yes!” and Brooklyn replied, “Umm, maybe.”


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