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Ryan Earns his High Red Belt January 4, 2013

Filed under: Karate — Jen @ 9:29 am

It was a happy day in early December when Ryan earned his high red belt.  This is the last belt before black, and puts him (and Quinn) in the final stages of their martial arts training.

Or perhaps not, since it’s possible to receive further degrees once the black belt level is achieved.  We have told the kids that they will stick with it until they get the black belt, come hell or high water.

Ry High Red

Ryan performed so well in his test!  His made-up techniques looked very good, and he had some good sparring matches.  It is fun to see how far the kids have all come since they began so many years ago.  January marks 8 years of karate for Quinn, and 7 for Ryan.  They have learned so much in these years, and have become the sweet and helpful older students that I was hoping they would become when they were younger.

We are so proud of Ryan and all he has achieved this year.  We’ve promised to hold a huge party and invite everyone we know when he receives the black belt!  (So keep your eyes peeled for that!)


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