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Christmas ’12 February 16, 2013

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Hey, it’s the middle of February.  Time to post about Christmas, right?

Oy.  I’m so far behind on this blog because I spend so much time on this one.  On top of all that, I have next to zero pictures of Christmas, and absolutely zero decent ones.  The cause of that situation is a combination of A) me being too lazy to bring my good camera to the Christmas parties and B) my phone has been dropped so many times the camera lens is all scratched up.

Yeah, I drop my phone.  Like a 5 year old.  Don’t bring it up with Robb, okay?

This year, we attended three family Christmas parties.  Party #1 was on the night before Christmas Eve, which Cheryl affectionately called “Little Eve.” I felt kind of bad about this situation, because this party was on Sunday, and Glenn, who works weekend nights, had to miss it.

And I’m the loser who didn’t even consider that situation when I asked for that schedule.  Like a 5 year old.

The party was still fun.  The kids all got duffle bags from Grandma, the nice ones with wheels and retractable handles.  Quinn immediately filled his duffle bag with… the dog.  Naturally.  Poor dog.

Gunner and knifeCheryl gave Robb and me the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace program.  Maybe she was tired of us having so many financial sob stories.  I don’t blame her.  I’m tired of it, too.  Our most recent sob story happened right before Christmas, when the electrical at our rental property went out, and the electrician told us he was surprised the place didn’t burn down.  Ca-Ching.  We wiped out our savings and had to borrow a little to get us through that little crisis.  We spent our anniversary dinner on the phone with the electrician, the renters, and the bank.  Good times.

On the bright side, Financial Peace is pretty awesome, and we’re kind of Ramsey fans anyway.  Also, Robb finally convinced me to use cash for groceries, a suggestion I have chaffed at for years.

The other highlight of Party #1 was the gift we gave Gunner.  Robb has made handcrafted swords and knives for all the little boys in this family, out of 2×4’s.  Each one is unique and different.  This year, Gunner finally got his.  Robb even engraved the phrase, “Fortes fortuna adjuvet,” which means, Fortune Favors the Brave.  I loved it, and so did Gunner.  Robb is really awesome to spend so much time on these fun gifts.

Party #2 was at Great-Grandma Roper’s.  We usually don’t go to this party because it is hard to get around to this many family parties, so we’ve had to pick and choose.  This year, we made the extra effort to get here, and thanks to the Christmas Eve snowstorm, it required even more effort than we anticipated, but it was worth it.  We especially loved the trivia game, the bingo game, and, of course, the black cherry eggnog.  You can tell this photo was taken at Grandma’s, because of the cuckoo clock in the background, and you’ll just have to imagine the eggnog-mocktail table that is directly behind Robb.

Jen & Robb Christmas Eve 2012

Unfortunately, Ryan was so sick during this party, he spent the bulk of it laying on the couch in the living room.  The kids all came home with cute pajamas from Grandma, that they’ve been wearing almost every night since.

Party #3 was the Christmas Day extravaganza.  Our kids were still up pretty early for stocking fun, and I made some pumpkin muffins for breakfast, then we lounged around and enjoyed our lazy morning.  Since my mom had to work Christmas Day in the morning, we started our party with my parents at noon.  The highlight of this party for me is the Christmas letters we write to each other every year.  It’s such a great opportunity to say things that we normally don’t say to each other.  After opening some lovely gifts, we headed to the Grandparent’s Brown’s house.

Grandpa is not able to leave the house, we we go to him.  We had a nice lunch there, and Grandma gave all the kids these “Flash Pads,” which are little electronic tablets with 4 or 5 different games on them.  The kids played with them non-stop, trying to one-up each other on the different games, all except Ryan, who, still sick, sat very still and quiet through most of the party.

Poor kid.  What an awful Christmas for him.

After it was all said and done, we were really just looking forward to spending some time at home, playing with our new stuff.

Like a 5 year old.


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