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The Duct Tape Solution February 24, 2013

Filed under: Daily Life — Jen @ 9:30 pm

He is fifteen years old.  Which does not stop him from picking at scabs.  Especially those on his face.

{Critical thinking skills and self-discipline: feel free to kick in any time you’re ready.}

Robb told Ryan that if he didn’t STOP PICKING at the sore in the middle of his chin, he would put duct tape around his entire head.  So the other day, when he noticed some fresh-looking picking and scabbing happening, Robb went for the duct tape.


First, he duct taped Ryan’s hands together, behind his back.  Then he placed a small piece of duct tape over the sore on his chin.  Ryan, ever the self-confident one when it comes to his physical skills and abilities, quickly announced that he could take care of this situation himself.

He promptly sat down and attempted to get his bound wrists around his feet to the front of his body.  He attempted it several times, in fact.  But alas, his legs are too long and his feet too big, even for this flexible and bony little kid.  He then stood up, looking for a new plan, only to discover that he couldn’t get his hands back around his rear end.

So he was stuck in a crouched position, hands bound behind his knees.

Robb said it’s lucky he has a mother to rescue him!  He was pretty well stuck and pretty unhappy about it.

On the bright side, the scab on his face seems to be healing very nicely.


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