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V is for Valentines February 25, 2013

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Ryan and Quinn have been relatively… late to mature.


Which is why we were completely unprepared for Brooklyn to discover boys at the ripe old age of 11.

And even more unprepared for boys to discover her.  There was an incident last year, when a boy in her class was completely in love, and asked her to be his girlfriend.  His little heart was shattered when she turned him down.  This year, when a completely new boy in her class showed interest (and showed and showed and showed), Brooklyn remarked, “It’s okay, I’m used to boys liking me.”

WOW.  It’s going to be a long seven years until she leaves home.

The difference this year is that she seems to like him back.  This boy calls our house something like 40-50 times a day {NOT. Exaggerating.} forcing us to make two rules: 1) that he can only call once and 2) that Brooklyn can only talk to him for 15 minutes.  His parents already had a no-phone-calls-after-8-pm-rule, prompting us to like his parents immediately.

Brooklyn acts all cool and nonchalant about the situation.  When I asked her if I was going to hear through the Mom Network that Brooklyn was indeed his girlfriend, she tried to assuage my fears.  “I’m too young to have a boyfriend.”  Good answer.  “Besides, what do you do with a boyfriend in 6th grade?  Go to his house and have snacks?”

Snacks!!  Phew!!  Wow, that was a close one.  (This phrase nearly gave Robb a heart attack, and had us in stitches for days.)

I guess I didn’t quite realize how deep the situation went until the day of the 6th grade Valentine Dance.  I should have, though.  Brooklyn had been talking about it for days, planning what she would wear, telling me about the dance practices, and even describing the dance card situation.  The teachers issued each girl a dance card, and she was to fill each of 4 slots in preparation for 4 slow songs.  The boys were first to ask, and the girls were not allowed to say no.  Guess who got the first dance with Brooklyn?

The second dance was girls choice, and Brooklyn, ever the sweet and sensitive one, chose a boy who is not widely liked.  She really is very caring that way.  I hope it doesn’t get her into trouble!

Brooklyn V-Day Dance 1 Brooklyn V-Day Dance 2

Anyway, Valentines Day rolled around, and Brooklyn was up at 7:00, which is quite unusual for her.  She was in her dress, searching for all the perfect accessories, and asking me to help her curl her hair.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen her that excited.

Strange, she didn’t have much to say about the dance after school.  “It was fun,” was almost all I got.

Additionally, we prepared her fun photo Valentines again this year.  Of all the holiday traditions I hate, this is one of the few I love.  Valentines are just fun, and this being her final year of elementary school, it will probably be her final year of creative Valentines, too.  Maybe we’ll have to make some for friends and cousins, just to keep the tradition going!  This year’s Valentine featured our favorite puppy.  We turned a cardboard box into a “Kissing Booth” and put the dog in it.  The dog was not particularly cooperative, but thanks to the magic of photo editing, you would never know it.

Valentines Monster 5

Brooklyn did the bulk of the editing herself.  We attached a Hershey’s Kiss to this card, and printed enough for her class and a couple extra friends.

The rest of the family had a completely boring and uneventful Valentines Day.  And I know you didn’t ask for excuses, but I’m prone to give them anyway:

  1. Robb was in Boise, for work.  It was apparently far warmer in Boise than in Salt Lake, prompting us to later have a long discussion about Boise being situated in the “banana belt” and an even longer conversation about the possibility of us moving there.
  2. The food-blogging world forces me to post all my amazing holiday-themed treat ideas far in advance.  So I was basically all Valentine-treat-ed out by the time the actual holiday rolled around.  Pretty sure the rest of the family was, too.
  3. The boys literally could not care less.
  4. I’m too broke this month to splurge on fun gifts and fancy dinners for the kids.

And thus, we had quesadillas for dinner at around 8 pm, and did I even talk to Robb on the phone that day?  I can’t remember.

Worst mom ever.  Ugh.  I kind of hated it, actually.  Next year, I’m doing something fun, for sure.

And for my Valentine gift, I got to put flannel sheets on the bed so I wouldn’t freeze at night without my favorite human furnace to keep me warm.  For Robb’s gift, he got to stay up half the night fixing the office computers.

We’re so romantic, aren’t we?


One Response to “V is for Valentines”

  1. Maren M. Says:

    BWAHAHAHA!!! Having snacks.

    I think Lance and I have just found a new idiom to use.

    I love it.

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